MV Engineering Company is a consulting engineering firm designed to meet the needs of clients in a specific niche market. Our specialty is the evaluation of motor vehicles, their involvement in highway traffic accidents and analysis of the highway environments in which such accidents occur. Most often, our services are utilized by insurance industry claims representatives, attorneys involved in litigation or claims related to traffic accidents, and others with similar needs and interests.

By design, MV Engineering Company is a small firm. Part of the rationale for this is that the quality and integrity of our work product can be maintained best in a close-knit work environment. We believe that our credibility is our most important asset. If we fail to maintain the highest standards in regard to our credibility, our services will be of little use to our clients.

Since 1992, MV Engineering Company engineers have handled well over 7000 engineering analyses in our chosen areas of specialty, with substantial amounts of success as indicated by jury verdicts and by our demonstrated ability to retain clients. We take pride in our ability to communicate technical material to audiences and juries of varying technical sophistication. Our engineers have testified hundreds of times in courts within the Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.


Many of our competitors attempt to offer a wide range of services within the broad category of forensic engineering. We have consciously chosen not to do so. Specialization allows us to maintain a sharp focus on our areas of interest. Our libraries, databases and computer software resources are therefore targeted to matters involving motor vehicles, highways, accidents and closely related subjects. We are able to monitor technological advances and periodicals in our chosen areas of specialty, without diluting our efforts and our resources. We believe that our specialization enhances our credibility in the courtroom.


Our mission is to provide our clients with timely, accurate and thorough technical analyses of motor vehicle related incidents, and to communicate the results of such analyses clearly and persuasively. This mission involves applying all available and recognized technical methods to arrive at proper and fair determinations. It involves the preparation of appropriate, clear and concise diagrams and summaries of the results of our work. It involves an understanding of the limitations imposed by gaps in available data and uncertainties in all forms of technical re-creation or reconstruction of complex events. We believe that we can best serve our clients by providing them with a thorough, sound and objective assessment of their situation.

We believe that our clients appreciate our adherence to the following principles in our work

        Common Sense

All too often, we see examples of compromises in these key areas listed above.  We hold strong in our beliefs that those who sit on juries are fundamentally people of integrity and common sense, and that they respond well to engineers who exhibit the same characteristics.  It is with these guiding principles that we proudly offer our services.

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