Daniel R. Aerni, P. E.

Mr. Aerni has been involved in the fields of accident reconstruction and vehicle safety consulting for 30 years. Beginning in 1981, he spent 11 years with Pace, Inc., during which time he became a Vice-President of the company and managed over 1,000 analyses of traffic accidents and other vehicle related failures. Prior to that, Mr. Aerni spent 6 years as a traffic engineer with several governmental organizations, providing him with valuable experience with highways and traffic safety problems. In 1992, Mr. Aerni founded MV Engineering Company, and serves as its President. In all, Mr. Aerni has analyzed well over 3,000 accident and related vehicle or highway matters, and has testified on nearly 400 occasions in trials and depositions related to these investigations. Mr. Aerni maintains membership in four major engineering societies, and is actively involved with the SAE Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Practices Standards Committee.

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